Why Choose Us?

There are lots of companies that offer work comp and payroll services. So why choose us? We believe that the way we do business is unique, and greatly exceeds the services of our competition.

  • We put ourselves in your shoes
  • We give clients our personal cell phone numbers
  • You speak with us directly, not a contracted service
  • You can call us ANY time
  • If something  is a priority to you, it is a priority to us
  • We aim for long-term relationships, we won’t sell something that you don’t need or want.
  • If we can’t help you, we are always willing to help direct you to who can
  • The only limitations that we give to clients, are those that are imposed on us (such as banking and shipping limitations)
  • We will work all hours of the night if necessary
  • No payroll is too complicated! We excel in payroll administration of multi-state, traveling workforce with revolving crews.
  • We have over 25 years of experience in our office

We have a culture of going far above and beyond the call of duty, and we love the opportunity to do so. In our experience, these situations build long-lasting relationships with clients. While we may not always be able to help in these ways, below are examples of our resilient nature to assist clients.

  • We have directly wired funds on same day for each individual employees of an entire payroll
  • We have personally driven out-of-state to deliver payrolls when FedEx services were not available (Such as during Hurricane Katrina)
  • We have personally sat with clients to assist during DOL audits
  • We have been able to work with IT departments to get nationwide direct deposit checks that were printed as late as 8PM to go through next day.
  • If payrolls are running late, we will drive to DFW airport for the very last available 9:00PM pickup.
  • We have successfully produced multi-state payrolls that were given to us after business hours with a check date of next day.

We can help you make more money, with less time and effort!