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Our Employer Solutions Program is designed to help PEO Brokers and payroll companies place workers compensation business. We have the experience and flexibility to create a custom payroll to fit your clients needs. We can match a pay-go work comp policy to fit an already existing payroll service, visa-versa, or both! Call Mike @ 214.952.8696, or email for more details.

Wholesale Workers Compensation

Are you looking to improve the quality and price of your workers compensation markets? We can help brokers and payroll services fill the gap if there is a need for a custom work comp and(or) payroll relationship.

Pay-Go Work Comp Solutions for Payroll Services

We can help you earn and keep more customers by implementing a Pay-Go workers compensation program to your payroll service. No need for estimating annual premiums, large premium deposits, annual audits, ext. Pay-go programs are perfectly designed to fit the payroll service provider by liberating assets and allowing the payroll service focus on payroll administration.

Become a Broker Today!

We are currently offering aggressive commission structures  for licensed agents and brokers. To learn more, call Mike @ 214.952.8696, or email

PEO Brokers

Employer Solutions Program

Workers Compensation for Payroll Providers

  • We can provide a payroll deducted work comp coverage for your customers on a pay as you go basis with no premium deposits.

Workers Compensation Brokerage

  • We quote and place coverage for your clients with aggressive commission structures.

Payroll + Workers Compensation

  • Refer customers with an option to combine Pay-go workers compensation and payroll into one solution.


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