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Payroll Services for Contractors

Payroll & Tax Administration

Our payroll services enable clients to focus on the income producing aspects of their business, let us worry about the payroll and taxes! Our Payroll Administration services are designed to create value for our clients by reducing the cost of revenue, and increase profitability. No payroll is too complicated. Multiple work sites, pay rates, work comp codes, traveling crews, revolving workforce…no problem! Some of our payroll & tax administration services include:

  • Payroll processing and delivery
  • Certified Payrolls (Including government jobs)
  • All tax reporting and year-end W-2’s
  • Federal withholding tax processing
  • Federal unemployment tax processing
  • Garnishment processing (Tax, Child support, etc.)
  • Custom Payroll deductions
  • Eliminate IRS payroll tax audits
  • Process all audits and garnishments
  • Respond to employment and wage verification
  • Direct deposit cards
  • Detailed payroll reports

Workers Compensation

Our pay-as-you-go Workers compensation insurance coverage pays for the care  and rehabilitation of injured employees. It provides cash benefits and medical care if an employee becomes disabled because of an injury or illness related to his or her job. We can provide this coverage under our master policy with extremely competitive rates. Since coverage is built into the PEO fee, the business pays for this coverage on a payroll by payroll basis. Large deposits are not required.

  • Management of Master Policy
  • Streamlined risk management
  • Claims management and processing
  • No large deposit: Pay-as-you-go
  • Post accident drug testing
  • Premium calculation and reporting
  • Claims management and loss control
  • Management of WC Audits
  • Return to work programs
  • Specialized safety manuals for each client

Employee Benefits

We offer “big-company” benefits at competitive prices, if you want them. Our benefits administration program relieves you of the burden of paperwork, record keeping, and other tedious management issues.

  • Extensive health, basic, and life insurance options
  • Disability (Short term and long-term)
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Management of employee benefit questions, claims, and complaints
  • Retirement plan options
  • Tax advantage options
  • Supplemental Insurance options
  • 401(K) plans

Human Resource Management

Our human resources staff enables your company to access HR answers and expertise, relieving you of the hundred of burdensome details involved in employee benefits, insurance, payroll, taxes, HR policies, government reporting and compliance. Some of our payroll services  include:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Employment and medical record maintenance and distribution
  • Unemployment claim management
  • Management of COBRA, EEOC, I-9, etc.
  • Management of wrongful termination claims
  • Management of federal wage and hour claims
  • Vacation and sick time reporting





We are a flexible company, willing and able to create custom solutions for whatever a clients needs might be. We are not a cookie cutter, “our way or the highway” service. No two businesess are the same. We  recognize this, and can typically design a custom solution including any combination of our services (Payroll only, WC only, etc.).




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