BBQ Friday

It is once again Friday and we are looking forward to meeting you for BBQ at our office in Downtown Denison. Today we are smoking organic chicken we marinated for 12 hours. It is always a great way to end the week with our valued and happy customers. We appreciate each one of you!!! Thank you for your business, trust and referrals!

BBQ Friday at Eagle Employer Services!!

We are have an early BBQ Turkey day Friday. Come join us tomorrow and see how you like our marinated and smoked Turkey.

We are so thankful for this last year at Eagle for the success we have seen from our customers resulting in their growth. It has been nothing short of amazing.

BBQ Friday at Eagle Employer Services, LLC. Chicken Halves Marinated Overnight and Smoked on Mesquite.

Friday’s at Eagle is special. We enjoy taking care of our customers each week. Taking the burden of HR and Patroll off their plate so they can focus on what makes them money. Sometimes it is simply freeing up the people who normally do payroll so they can more effectively collect invoices that are due. Owners can be doing the things that build their business. We work for our customers and earn their business every week!

Friday we are relaxed with a job well done! Our customers and friends are always welcome to join us on BBQ Friday!

Call us if you would like an HR and Payroll company that has no long term contract and earns your business every week!


BBQ Friday @ Eagle Employer Services, LLC: Smoked Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy!

As we end the week this week we are again thankful for our HR team and our customers. We  are very blessed to be able enjoy days like today!

Proud of our customer and neighbor “Main Street Motors”

Main Street Motors is a growing business in downtown Denison, using our service allows them the time to focus on the Classic and Antique car business. Today they are adding lifts so they can double the inventory. 

Eagle Employer Services, LLC BBQ Friday: Smoked Sirloin Beef Tacos Today !!!

We are very greatfull for this last week. We have had referrals from our customers that resulted in new business. Happy and satisfied customers allows everyone to be successful !