BBQ Friday at Eagle Employer Services.  Smoked Mac and Cheese with Smoked Meatloaf!!!

Celebrating the hard work and growth of our clients this week! We have a great team at Eagle Employer Services that is motivated and excited about HR and payroll every week!!

BBQ Friday

Back by popular demand!! Smoked sliced brisket on grilled cheese and Texas Toast.  What a great week in HR and Payroll this week. Established loyal customers growing and referring us new customers. Does not get any better!! Thank you!!!

Special Guest at Eagle Employer Services!

You will never guess who stopped by for our weekly BBQ today!

HR & Payroll WE 9/24/17

Smoked chicken from Whole Foods. We had a great week helping create opportunities for existing clients to grow outside of our usual scope of business! Have a Great weekend.

Friday BBQ

HR and Payroll Solutions, we love our job!!!

Great customers and new ones again this week!

Celebrating another end of the week with  chopped brisket into ground lean beef!!! Awesome!!! Welcoming  Blake back to Texas from his European vacation! 

BBQ Friday at Eagle!

We are enjoying another successful week of HR and Payroll outsourcing for our customers today.

We had a brisket for a number of friends and businesses that dropped in throughout the day. We even had some good friends drive up from McKinney and Shreveport, LA.  Thank you to our valued customers!!!